Значение идиомы give up

[give up] {v.} 1a. To stop trying to keep; surrender; yield.

Thedog had the ball in his mouth and wouldn’t give it up.

Jimmy isgiving up his job as a newsboy when he goes back to school.

Compare:GIVE ONESELF UP, HAND OVER, LET GO. Contrast: HOLD ON TO. 1b. Toallow; permit.

Ford gave up two walks in the first inning.

2. Tostop doing or having; abandon; quit.

The doctor told Mr. Harris togive up smoking.

Jane hated to give up her friends when she movedaway.

Compare: LEAVE OFF, PART WITH. 3. To stop hoping for, waitingfor, or trying to do.

Johnny was given up by the doctors after theaccident, but he lived just the same.

When Mary didn’t come bynine o’clock, we gave her up.

I couldn’t do the puzzle so I gaveit up.

4. To stop trying; quit; surrender.

The war will be overwhen one of the countries gives up.

The other team gave up afterwe scored three touchdowns.


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Значение идиомы give up