Shopping for Shoes

Clerk: Can I help you find something?

Alissa: Yes, I’m looking for some Dress shoes for work, something with a low Heel.

Clerk: Have you tried this Brand? They make really comfortable shoes. This company makes several styles of dress shoes, including a Sandal, a low Boot, and a Loafer. These right here are Open toe and those over there have a Strap in the back.

Alissa: Oh, I like these Slip-ons, but they seem too narrow. My feet are pretty wide.

Clerk: Those actually come in three Widths: Narrow, Medium, and Wide. Do you want to try them on?

Alissa: Sure. Do you have them in a 6-and-a-half or a 7, in black or brown?

Clerk: I’m not sure. I’ll have to check in the back…Here you are. How does the 6-and-a-half Fit?

Alissa: They’re a little too Tight in the toe. Let me try the 7. Oh, that’s better, but now the heel is a little too Loose.

Clerk: Keep in mind that since they’re Leather, they’ll Stretch a little.

Alissa: In that case, I’ll take the black pair in the 6-and-a-half.

Clerk: Great. I can Ring you up over here.

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