Shopping for a Hat

Christine: What do you think of this one?

Eric: We’re here to buy hats To protect us from the sun while we’re on vacation. Do you think a Beret will do that?

Christine: No, but it looks great on me, don’t you think? Isn’t it great to be getting away to the beach in the middle of winter! I already picked out a Straw hat with a wide, Floppy brim, so I’m all set for the trip.

Eric: In that case, help me pick one out. How about this Baseball cap?

Christine: Well, the brim gives your face plenty of Shade, but it leaves the back of your head Exposed. How about this Helmet?

Eric: Very funny. Do you want me To suffocate in this thing? Okay, hand me that Cowboy hat.

Christine: That looks cute on you, but it’s huge and it’s going to get Squished in the luggage. Hey, try these two hats on!

Eric: Stop messing around. I don’t need a Top hat, and that one looks like a Bonnet!

Christine: Okay, okay, how about this straw hat? Like mine, it’s soft enough to travel in a suitcase.

Eric: Hey, this one isn’t bad. How do I look?

Christine: Just like the tourist that you are, but That makes two of us.

Eric: I couldn’t care less. I don’t care if I look Cool on vacation as long as I am Cool!

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Shopping for a Hat