Finding the Perfect Gift

Fae: Help! I still need to buy a Gift for my mother and I can’t seem to think of the perfect Present, something that’ll really Knock her socks off.

Pablo: Why don’t you just get her a Gift certificate or a Gift card? That way, she can Pick out her own gift.

Fae: Oh, she would hate that. She would think that I didn’t Put any thought into buying her a present at all, while I’ve been Racking my brain to think of something she’ll like. Maybe I should buy her a car!

Pablo: Now, don’t Get carried away. You get like this every year. I know you want To please your mother, but remember, It’s the thought that counts.

Fae: I wish that were true. If I get her the wrong gift, I’m afraid she’ll be Disappointed, or worse, she’ll Hold it against me for the rest of my life.

Pablo: It Boggles my mind how you can Work yourself up like this every year.

Fae: How can I not? You know my mother.

Pablo: Yes, I do, and I have one piece of advice for you: Buy her a gift she can Return.

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