Talking to a Mechanic

Mechanic: Hi, I’m the Mechanic. What can I do for you?

Amy: My car is making a very weird noise. It sounds like this: gulug, gulug, gulug…

Mechanic: Hm, that doesn’t sound good. Where is it coming from?

Amy: I’m not sure. When I’m in the car, it sounds like it’s coming from the Engine, but when I get out of the car, it sounds like it’s coming from directly under the Trunk, maybe the Muffler?

Mechanic: That’s not a noise a muffler would make. Let me take a look. Can you start the car and Pop the hood?

Amy: Sure.

Mechanic: Well, I don’t hear the sound right now, but your Battery needs replacing, you have a Coolant leak, your Carburetor needs adjusting, and your Spark plugs are Shot. I need to look under the car.

Amy: Okay, go ahead.

Mechanic: Your Brake pads need replacing and your Tires need Balancing.

Amy: But are any of those problems causing that horrible noise?

Mechanic: I don’t know. I don’t hear the noise right now, so it’s Hard to tell. But that’s all work you need to have done on this car anyway for it To run right. It’s only a matter of time before your car stops working if you don’t take care of those problems.

Amy: I come in with one problem and you find 10 others. I guess you should go ahead. What else can I do?

Mechanic: Um, buy a Bus pass?

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