Talking About Age

Gabby: Another birthday! I’m going to stop celebrating. What’s there to celebrate – getting old and Decrepit?

Cherif: Are you kidding me? We’re In the prime of our lives. Who’s decrepit? I’m not.

Gabby: If I’m in my prime, then why do I feel so Middle age?

Cherif: It’s a matter of Perspective. It’s true that we’re not Spring chickens anymore, but who wants all of the Angst of youth? Not me. I like living these Mature years without the Insecurity and Uncertainty of youth.

Gabby: It’s not that. I don’t miss the Awkwardness of my Teenage years, and I definitely don’t miss the struggles I had to go through in my 20s. What I miss is the excitement of seeing and experiencing things for the first time. If I’m Nostalgic, then I’m nostalgic for the Innocence of youth.

Cherif: Come on. There’s nothing stopping you from seeing and trying new things now. Don’t tell me that you’ve seen and done everything.

Gabby: No, I haven’t.

Cherif: Then you’ll come with me next Saturday, and I guarantee you a new experience.

Gabby: What new experience?

Cherif: Have you ever tried Skydiving?

Gabby: No, I haven’t and I don’t plan to now. I may be old, but I’m not ready To kick the bucket yet!

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Talking About Age