Talking About Sight

Sue: This medication I’m taking is Messing with my Vision. Everything is Blurry.

Hamed: That’s a good reason for you to stay home from work today.

Sue: I can’t. I have to give a presentation this afternoon and I can’t Flake out on my coworkers.

Hamed: What good are you to them if you’re Blind as a bat?

Sue: Everybody else will have Crystal clear vision, so all I have to do is To put in an appearance. Things may not be as Sharp as I’d like them to be, but I can still Make out people and objects – as long as they’re really big.

Hamed: I don’t think your coworkers are going to want you To blindside Them today with your strange behavior. You’re going To do more harm than good.

Sue: I can see well enough. I only See double if I move my head like this. Whoa…

Hamed: At this point, I don’t care if you have X-ray vision. That medication is affecting more than your vision. It’s Impairing your better judgment!

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