Discussing Social Class

Hector: Can you believe James? All evening, he tried to tell me how this country would be better if we had no Social classes. He’s out of his mind.

Sophia: He was just trying To get a rise out of you. We all know that the two of you don’t See eye to eye.

Hector: He thinks that just because he comes from a Working-class background, he can criticize anyone who is Middle class or Upper class. I just can’t stand his Holier-than-thou attitude.

Sophia: He knows you, and he Knows which buttons to push to get you Worked up. I don’t think he was serious when he said he thought Class warfare was a good idea.

Hector: Well, he was Downright insulting. He talks as though we have no sense of Social responsibility. We Do our share for the poor. What more does he want from me?

Sophia: I think he Has a chip on his shoulder, because his parents are Blue collar and he now lives in a White-collar world. He feels he has to stand up for the Marginalized people in our society.

Hector: Okay, but does that mean I have to allow him to insult me Under my own roof?

Sophia: Of course not. Next week, we’re having dinner at their house.

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