Being Vague and Unfocused

Thierry: I’m Pumped and ready to help paint the community center this weekend. What time are we supposed to get there in the morning?

Bonnie: I’m not sure. Sophia was a little Vague about that. She told people To show up when they can Make it.

Thierry: That doesn’t sound like an Auspicious start. How many people are supposed to be there?

Bonnie: I’m a little Fuzzy on that, too. Sophia didn’t have a Sign-up sheet. She just told people to show up if they could.

Thierry: I hate to say it, but Sophia is the worst person to be organizing this. Her Heart is in the right place, but her Head is in the clouds. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more Absentminded person.

Bonnie: I know what you mean. She always seems to be Daydreaming.

Thierry: I’m going to call her right now and Pin her down. She needs To attend to the Nitty-gritty if this is project is going to get done.

Bonnie: What if she’s as vague as she usually is?

Thierry: I’ll try speaking to her on a different Frequency: Earth to Sophia, Earth to Sophia…

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Being Vague and Unfocused

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