Reality T. V

It’s hard to watch TV these days without seeing Reality shows. Some nights, it’s hard to find a Scripted Drama to watch. There are so many different kinds of reality shows, too. The most popular one in the U. S. has been the “American Idol” show. This is a singing competition where Amateurs try to Impress the judges and the audience calls in to Vote off a Contestant each week. The last person Left standing gets a Recording contract. I think many countries now have a reality show like this. This show starts its fourth season this year and I think it’ll be more popular then ever.

Another popular reality show is “Big Brother.” In this show, a group of people live together in the same house for about 15 weeks. They’re not allowed to leave and they can’t have visitors. The people chosen to live in the house are usually very different. This way, there is sure to be a lot of Conflict. Some people form Alliances and other people try To go it alone. The contestants compete in games and each week, the other contestants vote off one person from the show. Why would anyone want to be on “Big Brother?” The answer is easy: money. The last person remaining gets a huge prize-in the U. S. show, a half a million dollars. Even I’d live in a house full of strangers For that kind of cash.

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