Dream and reality – Мечта и реальность

Despite the fact that words “dream” and “reality” have different meanings, they are inseparably linked with each other.

As it is known, dream can become reality if you make necessary efforts. For example, trying to do our best, we can reach wanted results. Moreover, dreams give us energy and essential emotions to fulfil the plans which were devised. Therefore, belief plays a significant role in our success.

At the same time, reality can also transfer into dream. As an instance I would give well-off and rich people who inherited their fortune not even endeavouring to achieve anything. In a case like that satisfaction can have a negative influence on them: with the course of time they are getting used to leading an idle way of life and becoming too lazy to work. In the issue, the “failures” run out of money ending up with nothing.

From the other hand, dream and reality are two different worlds. Dream is quite similar to the concept fantazy, which is beyond our real life.

To conclude, sometimes limits between dream and reality can be invisible and not easy to define. Anyway, each event taking place in our life mostly depends on us.

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Dream and reality – Мечта и реальность