Following One’s Dream

Cassandra: I’ve had it! I’m Quitting and I’m not coming back. I was Meant for greater things than working in this Pathetic place. Life is Passing me by.

Lazlo: You can’t quit. You need the money and you have responsibilities, remember?

Cassandra: I’ve Sacrificed enough for Security. I want To make a difference. I want To do big things. I want To have an impact on the world.

Lazlo: That’s very Admirable. Most people want to make a difference in the world, but don’t have the Guts to try.

Cassandra: You are so right! But I’m going to make it happen. I Aspire to do great things and I won’t rest until I do. I want To follow my dream.

Lazlo: What is your dream?

Cassandra: Um, well, I’m not quite sure what I’m Destined to do yet, but as soon as I figure out my true Vocation, I’m Following my heart.

Lazlo: That’s great. Until then, lunch break is over. Could we get back to work?

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