Becoming a Spy

Vaughn: You’ve been reading that novel for hours. What is it?

Sydney: It’s a Spy novel and it’s really good. It’s about a man who is Recruited by the C. I. A. to work in Counterintelligence doing Code breaking, but he becomes Embroiled in the world of Espionage.

Vaughn: That sounds exciting.

Sydney: Yeah, he’s sent on a Mission to infiltrate a foreign spy organization and to feed them Misinformation. I’d love to be a spy.

Vaughn: You wouldn’t really want to live the life of a spy, would you? You’d have To live a double life, not being able to tell your friends and family that you’re an Operative.

Sydney: I wouldn’t care if I could go on Clandestine missions to Thwart and Sabotage the enemy. Working for the C. I. A. would be a dream come true.

Vaughn: You’d have to keep a lot of secrets, not Divulging classified information.

Sydney: Yes, so?

Vaughn: Loose lips sink ships.

Sydney: What are you trying to say?

Vaughn: Well, no offense but I think your Cover would be blown after about five minutes!

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