Experiencing Dread

Brianna: Are you still here? I thought you left ages ago.

Viktor: There’s no rush. I’m thinking of Postponing until tomorrow.

Brianna: Why?

Viktor: I feel a sense of Foreboding. I have a Sneaking suspicion that things aren’t going to go well.

Brianna: Under the circumstances, I can understand your Reluctance, but it’s like Ripping off a bandage. It’s best done quickly.

Viktor: I’m not sure about that. I Have a feeling that things are going To go very, very wrong, and the longer I can Put it off the better.

Brianna: Next week is your girlfriend’s birthday. You don’t want To break up with her on her birthday, do you?

Viktor: No, that would be Cruel. Maybe I should Hold off until after next week.

Brianna: You’re really Dreading breaking up with her, aren’t you?

Viktor: She’s Got a temper. When I told her that I couldn’t join her on a visit to her parents’ house last weekend, she Went ballistic, and I have Dents in my car door To show for it. I expect this to be much, much worse.

Brianna: Ah, I see. I never liked the idea of breaking up with someone Remotely, but it might be Called for in this case.

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Experiencing Dread