Being Forgetful

Charlize: You won’t Forget that we’re going over to the Wong’s for dinner tomorrow night, will you?

Pete: It’s Etched in my brain. I won’t forget.

Charlize: It Slipped your mind last week that we were meeting Donna at the movies, remember?

Pete: I was Preoccupied last week, but I won’t forget about tomorrow night.

Charlize: I’m Reminding you because the week before that, you forgot to cash that check at the bank. Remember that?

Pete: I didn’t forget. I was just a little Wrapped up in work that week. I’m not usually Absentminded, you know.

Charlize: Right. Do you want me to send you an email tomorrow morning To jog your memory?

Pete: That won’t be necessary. I have the day, time, and even their address Committed to memory. Do you want to test me?

Charlize: No, I don’t, but I just want to make sure we don’t have A repeat of what happened last month. You were supposed to meet me at the Donnelly’s at 8:00 and you never Showed up. Remember that?

Pete: No, I don’t. I have Amnesia. I won’t remember any other Incident you want To throw in my face. I thought last week you said you would stop Giving me a hard time about my bad memory. Remember that?

Charlize: Uh, no, I don’t.

Pete: I guess I’m not the only one who’s Scatterbrained!

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Being Forgetful