Experiencing Motion Sickness

Ashley: You don’t look so good. What’s wrong?

Terrell: I felt Motion sickness watching that movie. The camera Jerked around and it made me Dizzy.

Ashley: It didn’t bother me. The Hand-held camera used to film the movie had that Effect on you?

Terrell: I’m Susceptible to motion sickness. You should see me on a boat. The Rocking motion makes me Seasick and Nauseous. When I was a kid, I used to get carsick every time my family took a road trip. My parents always had a Barf bag ready.

Ashley: Wow, that Sucks.

Terrell: Yeah, and don’t even try to get me on an airplane. Just the starting of the Engines makes me feel Airsick and looking down gives me Vertigo.

Ashley: So how do you travel?

Terrell: Very rarely and usually with one foot on the ground!

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Experiencing Motion Sickness