A Mid-life Crisis

Bella: I think my husband is going through a Mid-life crisis.

Russell: What makes you think that?

Bella: He just Traded in his car for a very expensive Sports car, and he’s filling the house with Gym equipment.

Russell: Uh oh, that’s a bad Sign. Do you know what may have Triggered this?

Bella: I’m not sure, but he was Passed over for a promotion at work a couple of months ago, and his new boss is 15 years younger than he is.

Russell: That would do it.

Bella: What really worries me is that he’s been talking about quitting his job Altogether and becoming a full-time writer. He always wanted to become a successful writer.

Russell: That’s sounds familiar. When my brother went through a mid-life crisis, he spent a lot of time Reflecting on his life and Regretting giving up music to get a full-time job. He saw himself as being Washed up and he was Fed up With everything.

Bella: What did he do?

Russell: Well, he’s probably not a good example of what your husband would do.

Bella: Don’t beat around the bush. Just tell me.

Russell: Well, If you must know, he got a Divorce, married a woman half his age, and tried to start a rock band.

Bella: Oh, no! That’s just what I was afraid of.

Russell: I’m sure that won’t happen with your husband. You two have a great marriage.

Bella: I thought so, too, but You never know.

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