Being Reprimanded at Work

Tania: What time is your meeting with Ted?

James: It’s at 3:00. Why?

Tania: You don’t seem worried. If I were being Accused of Misconduct and Up for disciplinary action, I’d be On edge.

James: It was a Minor offense. I’m sure I’ll just get a Slap on the wrist.

Tania: I heard about it and it didn’t sound that minor.

James: People Blow things out of proportion. It’s not like I’ll be up for Dismissal or anything.

Tania: I hope not, but you might get a Written reprimand placed in your Personnel file. That could affect your chances for a Raise or Promotion.

James: I don’t have much of a chance of getting either one, Quite frankly, so why Sweat it? I’ll deal with whatever Punishment I get.

Tania: I’m glad that’s your attitude.

James: What I say is: Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time!

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