Paying an Employee Under the Table

Martin: I’m confused. I’ve been Going over the books and I don’t see several members of the Staff listed and Accounted for.

Jina: Oh, I have a special arrangement with a few of them. I pay them Under the table.

Martin: Are you sure that’s wise? You could Get busted for Tax evasion.

Jina: No one will be the wiser if I pay a few people Off the books. All of the people I hire want a job, and a few of them I pay under the Minimum wage. Since they don’t have To report their income, they Come out ahead in the end. So what’s the problem?

Martin: I just want to make sure you’re aware of the Ramifications. If the government finds out about it, you could be Up the creek.

Jina: I’m not worried. Everybody does it.

Martin: If you say so. I’m willing To turn a blind eye, but you’re On your own if you get Audited!

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Paying an Employee Under the Table