Being Territorial at Work

Andy: What are you doing?

Sita: I’m Running some numbers for the new project.

Andy: I thought that was Delia’s Turf.

Sita: She’s usually the Go-to person for this type of information, but I need this info right now.

Andy: I’d be careful about Stepping on Delia’s toes. She Doesn’t take kindly to people Encroaching on her responsibilities.

Sita: I know she can be Territorial at times, but I’m sure if I explain to her why I’m getting this information Right this minute, she’d understand.

Andy: Okay, but don’t be surprised if she thinks you’re trying To gain control of her little Fiefdom. She’s really Entrenched and she doesn’t like anyone Muscling in.

Sita: Do you really think she’ll misunderstand my Motives?

Andy: I wouldn’t take any chances. Hurry up and finish what you’re doing, Cover your tracks, and get out. With any luck, she won’t think this is the beginning of a Turf war.

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