Handling a Traffic Stop

I was having a great day until I saw the police car behind me with its loud Siren and lights Flashing. I Pulled off the road and waited for the officer to approach my car.

Officer: May I see your Driver’s license, proof of insurance, and Car registration, please?

Lindsay: Let me get them out of my Glove compartment. Here they are. What did I do wrong, officer?

Officer: Didn’t you see that stop sign back there?

Lindsay: Stop sign? What stop sign? I didn’t see any Stop sign.

Officer: Sit tight and I’ll be right back.

I guess he was running my driver’s license and License plate numbers to make sure there are no Outstanding warrants for me or for my car. He came back after a few minutes.

Officer: You Ran a stop sign back there and I’m going to have to give you a Citation.

Lindsay: Is that really necessary, officer? I’m really sorry I ran the stop sign and I’ll be more careful next time.

Officer: I suppose I could Let you off with a Warning, just this once.

Lindsay: Oh, thank you so much!

Officer: Drive more carefully in the future.

Lindsay: I will. I definitely will.

Phew! That was close. Good thing I Tossed the Incriminating evidence out the window before I pulled off the road!

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Handling a Traffic Stop