Asking for More Time

Dan: Hello.

Marcia: Hi, Dan. What’s the Status on the project? We’re still On schedule, right?

Dan: Uh, well, I’ve been meaning to call you about that. We’ve had a Slight delay.

Marcia: What do you mean by “slight”? Are you saying that you won’t be able to meet the Deadline?

Dan: Not exactly. I’m only asking that you Grant us a short Extension.

Marcia: How short?

Dan: A week or two, Tops. We hit a minor Snag, but we should have everything Up and running in no time.

Marcia: If the project has Come to a grinding halt, then it doesn’t sound like a minor snag. We’re running on a Tight schedule and we don’t have a lot of time To spare.

Dan: I know that All too well.

Marcia: Good, then I don’t have To spell it out for you.

Dan: No, you don’t. My Head is on the chopping block and The clock is ticking.

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Asking for More Time