Spending Time with Family

Claus: Go home. You need to spend more time with your Loved ones before they Report you missing.

Marcia: This is the Busy season. Do you think I have time To stop to smell the roses when I have work Coming out of my ears?

Claus: It’s true we’re busy, but you get too Wrapped up in your work. How old are your daughters?

Marcia: They’re six and nine.

Claus: Right. Before you know it, they’ll be grown and you’ll have Missed out on their childhood. Take it from someone who knows. Don’t Take your family for granted.

Marcia: I know you’re right. I need to spend more Quality time with them – just as soon as the busy season is over.

Claus: Time Slips by while you’re not paying attention. Look at me. I Worked my butt off to get where I am now, but At what cost? My wife and I are practically Strangers and I barely know my children. You don’t want To end up like me.

Marcia: So I should see you as a Cautionary tale?

Claus: Yup. Consider this a Public service announcement.

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