Family Problems

Some people like big families, while others think that small families are better.
As someone has rightly said: “The family is the nucleus of civilization”. A person’s upbringing and education starts in his or her family and it is in the family that values, norms and ideas are communicated from generation to generation. Families can be big and small. Some families consist of parents and their only child. But there are families where several generations live together and where there are a lot of children.
In my opinion, big families are better than small ones. Firstly, when there are two or more children in the family, they are used to helping each other and sharing responsibilities. They learn to live in a “community” where every member is equal. Secondly, when a child has brothers and sisters, he or she is not likely to become egoistic because parents share their love and attention between all their children. And finally, it is difficult to

feel lonely when one has a big family.
However, some people say that they would prefer to have a small family. First and foremost, one needs less money to support a small family. Parents who have only one child don’t have to work much and therefore they can spend more time with their son or daughter. Besides, when several generations live together, there is often misunderstanding between older and younger people because of their different experiences, opinions and habits.
To conclude, it does not matter if the family is big or small. The most important thing is that it should be happy and united. That is why it is essential to maintain harmony and the atmosphere of love, mutual respect and understanding in the family.

Nowadays quite a lot of young people choose to conclude marriage contract. Others say that it is an absolutely useless thing. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of marriages break up. For many men and women divorce turns into a nightmare because it is often connected with quarrels and partition of property. Sometimes a wife and a husband can become real enemies arguing about who will take the flat or the car after their separation. If they have small children, everything becomes even more complicated and painful.
Personally, I am convinced that it is wise of young people to conclude marriage contract. Marriage contract is a mutual consent about mutual rights and duties

before marriage, in marriage and after it. The contract takes effect on the date of the civil marriage ceremony. It regulates property relationship between spouses and determines their rights and duties. What is more, marriage contract can determine property rights and duties of spouses as parents. It is very convenient that spouses can change their marriage contract during their marriage. They also have the right to cancel it.
However, some people say that a person who concludes marriage contract shows that he or she does not trust his or her spouse. And if there is no trust in the family, it is likely to break up. Besides, when young people are going to get married, they should think about love, not money. But I still believe that both men and women should be responsible and they should think about their future.
To conclude, it’s up to you to decide whether to conclude marriage contract or not. But in my opinion, it makes people’s lives easier in case of divorce and helps avoid quarrels.

In modern society old people and their grandchildren usually live separately and don’t communicate too much. Some people say that it is quite natural, while others think that the old and the young should spend more time together. Nowadays there are few families where several generations live under the same roof. Children and their grandparents don’t see very much of each other. But is it good or bad for both the old and the young?
Personally, I think that children and their grandparents should spend more time together. Children always need much attention, but their parents usually work too much. But pensioners always have time for kids. Old people feel useful and needed when they have somebody to take care of. They also become more active and more interested in life and their physical and psychological health improves. What is more, grandparents can pass their knowledge, skills and experience to kids. At the same time the young can show the old how to use a mobile phone or a PC.
But unfortunately, there is less and less contact between children and their grandparents nowadays. Some families live in small flats where there is no room for grandparents. Other families leave for big cities and have neither time nor opportunity to visit their ageing relatives. As a result, many old people have no contact with children and feel lonely and depressed. Children who are separated from their grandparents also suffer from lack of attention, love and support. So I think parents should do their best to bring the old and the young together.
To conclude, the advantages are enormous for both the old and the young. If grandparents and children spend more time together, they will learn to understand and respect each other; consequently, there will be less conflict in society. Besides, there will be fewer lonely old people and more happy kids.

Nowadays a lot of people adopt children from overseas. Others are sure that there are many children who need parents in our country. A typical family usually consists of a couple with their children. However, some people can’t have their own children for different reasons and they choose to build a family through adoptions. In recent decades international adoptions have become increasingly popular.
Nowadays the growing number of men and women adopt children from foreign countries including Third World countries. Every time a Hollywood celebrity adopts a child from overseas, more and more ordinary people want to follow his or her example. To my mind, it is not right to adopt children from abroad only because it is fashionable and because other people say that it is good.
On the other hand, many people believe that adopting children from foreign countries has a number of advantages. Firstly, children’s biological parents will hardly interfere in their lives. Secondly, people think that international adoptions help build bridges between communities and create a culturally diverse society. Personally, I think that it is not wise to adopt children from foreign countries when there are thousands of orphans in our country. They also need loving families and permanent homes.
In general, it is a good deed to adopt a child either from abroad or from your own country. Anyway, people must be responsible and they must take care of children who need their love and attention.

Some parents think that young people would better live independently, while others believe that it may spoil the relationships between children and parents. All parents dream of raising responsible and self-reliant children. But when their nice little kids grow older and demand independence, most parents don’t know what to do. Moms and Dads can’t stop wondering if they should let their sons and daughters live independently or if young people would better live with them.
To my mind, young people should live on their own. I believe that children’s job is to try their wings and parents’ job is to let them fly away. For example, in the USA young people usually move out of their parents’ house at the age of 18. A grown-up person who is still living with his or her parents may be considered “immature”, or “tied to the mother’s apron strings”. Young people who live far from their parents and try to earn their living are usually more responsible and emotionally mature.
Some Moms and Dads want their children to be independent so much, that they stop influencing their lives. As a result, young people completely forget about their parents1 existence and visit them only once or twice a year at the best. Some parents feel unhappy and lonely because they have to live in an old people’s home where they miss their children and grandchildren. I strongly feel that parents ought to love, protect and guide their children in order to avoid such a sad situation. And children ought to take care of their aging parents in their turn.
To conclude, I believe that lifelong bonds between parents and their children are extremely important. No matter how old you are or where you live, you must never forget about your parents.

Some parents think that if their children are disobedient, they should be stricter with them. Others say that love and understanding will help solve the problem. Have you ever met an ideal child? I don’t think so. Small children are very active, inquisitive and sometimes naughty. There are kids whose behaviour can be called notorious and unbearable. They constantly give a headache to their parents and teachers. Why does it happen and what should parents do in such a situation?
Personally, I think that if parents want their sons and daughters to be cheerful, self-confident and socially successful, they must be loving, caring and attentive to their children’s wishes and needs. Grown-ups ought to show warmth and affection towards their children. Of course, sometimes parents should be strict, but they must always remain fair. They should use punishment and praise appropriately. I love and respect my parents because they prefer discussions and explanations and value compromise.
However, some Moms and Dads are still convinced that if they spare the rod, they will certainly spoil the child. They think that if they punish their children, their sons and daughters will grow into well-behaved adults. Such parents choose to be very strict with their offspring. As a result, adults achieve the contrary effect: their son or daughter becomes estranged and feels rejected. I believe that pressure and fear are the worst methods of upbringing.
To conclude, it is parents1 duty to make their child happy. Many psychologists say that there are no problem children, there are only problem parents. Mothers and fathers should be wise, loving, considerate and consistent. As soon as children feel that their parents love, understand and support them, they will have a desire to please them and to improve their behaviour.

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Family Problems