Being Scared

Emily: I’m not going into that house. It’s supposed to be Haunted.

Stephen: Come on. Don’t be a Coward. You don’t believe in Ghosts, do you?

Emily: I don’t, but I’m not Taking any chances. Just look at that house! It’s Spooky. I’m getting Goosebumps just looking at it.

Stephen: You’re only Freaking out because you’ve watched too many Horror movies. It’s just a house. Now, come on!

Emily: Why are we doing this anyway? Just because your friends Dared you to go in doesn’t mean you have to. This is stupid!

Stephen: I took the dare and I told them I’d Spend the night In that house. If you’re a Scaredy cat, you can go home right now.

Emily: And let you go in there by yourself? What kind of girlfriend would I be? I’m Scared to death, but I’m not going To chicken out. Okay, let’s go before I Change my mind.

Stephen: Really? I didn’t think you’d Have the nerve. You’re Braver than I thought. Don’t worry. Nothing in there can hurt us.

Emily: Famous last words!

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Being Scared