Symptoms of Depression

Emily: I think Jackson is Depressed.

Shivan: How can you tell?

Emily: Well, he’s been Suffering from a Loss of appetite and is generally Lethargic.

Shivan: Have you noticed any other Symptoms?

Emily: He seems to have trouble Concentrating and has Insomnia.

Shivan: Um, really?

Emily: Yes, and I’m afraid he’s having Suicidal thoughts. He seems Distant and Distracted, Staring off into space. He’s not His usual self.

Shivan: How can you tell?

Emily: What do you mean?

Shivan: I mean, he looks the same to me. He just swims back and forth in the Fish tank.

Emily: Just look at him. He’s On the edge of mental collapse!

Shivan: Somebody is.

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Symptoms of Depression