Having a Backup Plan

Jerome: This is a very dangerous Undertaking. Do you have a Backup plan if anything goes wrong?

Sandy: It’ll work. I’ve come up with Contingencies for every possible Setback.

Jerome: It’s just that I’d like to know we have some Recourse if anything goes wrong.

Sandy: My plan is Foolproof. Failure is not an option.

Jerome: But don’t you think we should consider some Alternatives? If, God forbid, anything goes wrong, it would be good to have an Escape hatch, don’t you think?

Sandy: That won’t be necessary. If anything goes wrong, it’s Every man for himself.

Jerome: What?! I thought we were In this together? What happened to, “Stick with me and you Can’t go wrong”?

Sandy: That was before I realized what a Liability you are.

Jerome: A liability?!

Sandy: In a dangerous plan like this, there are Bound to be some Casualties – a sacrificial lamb or two.

Jerome: Yes, but I didn’t know you’d Double-cross me before we even got started!

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