Living on Low Wages

Dylan: Here.

Yvonne: What’s this?

Dylan: It’s information about a job-training program. It’ll give you the skills you need to get Steady work.

Yvonne: I don’t need that. I Get by with the Wages I earn from this job.

Dylan: You’re in a Dead-end job straining to make ends meet every month.

Yvonne: I’ve always Landed on my feet.

Dylan: But you don’t have any Job security. You could be out on your ear any minute. Don’t you want a better Quality of life?

Yvonne: My life is fine the way it is. I may not be able To hold on to this job for long, but there will always be other ones.

Dylan: I wish I had your Optimism. To hear you speak, you’d think you were one of the Privileged few.

Yvonne: It’s all in your Outlook on life. I don’t have Mortgages to pay, cars to maintain, Jets to fuel, and employees to support.

Dylan: You’re right. You should be Counting your blessings!

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