Being Evasive

Olivia: Dad, can I ask you a question?

Dad: You just did.

Olivia: I mean, can I ask you another question?

Dad: Ask away.

Olivia: Where do babies come from?

Dad: What? Where did you Come up with that one?

Olivia: I don’t know.

Dad: Let me tell you. That’s for Grown-ups to know. You’re just a Pipsqueak. You Mind your own business and I’ll tell you when you’re a little older.

Olivia: Why can’t you tell me now?

Dad: No comment.

Olivia: Dad, what does no comment mean?

Dad: That’s Confidential.

Olivia: Why is it confidential?

Dad: That’s Personal.

Olivia: Dad, just tell me.

Dad: Never you mind.

Olivia: But I want to know!

Dad: And I want to know why I can’t get some Peace and quiet In this house.

Olivia: Oh, Dad.

Dad: Don’t “oh, Dad” me. Just Wait and see. You’ll get all the answers you want when you’re older.

Olivia: But Dad, I want to know now. Where do babies come from?

Dad: I’m Out of answers. Go ask your mother.

Olivia: I did. Mom said to ask you.

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Being Evasive