Being Alike and Different

Fabian: Oh, your babies are Adorable. They’re like Two peas in a pod.

Clarissa: They may look like Mirror images of each other, but they’re Nothing alike. They each have their Distinct personalities. Randy likes to sleep during the day and Dominic likes to sleep at night.

Fabian: That’s like my babies at home. They’re Polar opposites. They don’t like eating the same foods and they have Clashing personalities.

Clarissa: Oh, really? Does that cause problems?

Fabian: Yes, sometimes it does. One is Playful all the time and the other one is always Pensive. They Get on each other’s nerves more often than not. I can’t believe they have the same parents.

Clarissa: You’re telling me! I sometimes wonder how two babies born at the same time can be so different.

[barking sound] Oh, my Precious little babies are hungry. We’d better get home so they can eat.

Fabian: I’d better get home to mine. They’ll be Crawling up the walls if I don’t get back soon with their Treats!

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