Translating a Document

Francine: Do you know the word in Mcquish for “partnership”?

Aziz: No, I don’t speak Mcquish. What are you doing?

Francine: Jim gave me this letter and this document To translate into Mcquish because I speak a little of it, but even with a Dictionary and Thesaurus, it’s Slow going.

Aziz: Didn’t you tell Jim that?

Francine: I did, but he still wants me to try because it’s so hard to find a Mcquish-English Bilingual.

Aziz: I’m not surprised. Other than you, I don’t know anyone who speaks Mcquish.

Francine: Yeah, well, I’m doing my best to translate these documents Idiomatically because the Literal translation won’t Make any sense, but it’s a tough job. I simply don’t know enough business Mcquish to know the Equivalent words and phrases.

Aziz: Can’t you just Paraphrase and Convey the general meaning by using a lot of Loan words and Cognates?

Francine: I’m trying, but I don’t think it’s turning out the way it’s supposed to.

Aziz: At least he didn’t ask you To interpret. You’d really be iN the hot seat trying to interpret in a meeting or over the phone.

Francine: Yeah, at least I was Spared that experience, at least for now.

Aziz: I wish I could help you, but the only language I speak, other than English, is Gibberish!

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Translating a Document