Basic Military Commands

Marta: What’s going on out here? What’s all that noise?

Bruno: I’m putting the Troops through their Drills.

Marta: Troops?!

Bruno: Watch this. Hey, I didn’t tell you you could be At ease. Attention! Fall in. Forward, march!

Marta: That’s great, but. . .

Bruno: I’m not done. Let me show you what else these troops can do. Halt! About face!

Marta: Don’t you think that it’s time to…?

Bruno: March, march! Double time!

Child: Wah! [Child crying loudly.]

Marta: Come here. Did you fall down and hurt yourself? It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay.

Bruno: Hey, there’s no crying in the Military. Don’t Coddle the troops, Marta.

Marta: Bruno, your twins are five years old. Don’t you think they’re a little too young to be going to Boot camp?

Bruno: No, it’s never too young To instill discipline. Okay troops, fall in. Mark time! Now march, march, march. . .

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Basic Military Commands