My Future Profession (Journalist)

В топике Моя будущая профессия (журналист) – я хочу рассказать, почему я решил стать журналистом. Мне нравится все, что связано с СМИ, кроме того, мы с друзьями выпускаем в нашей школе небольшую газету, в которой стараемся интересно написать о школьных событиях и жизни молодежи, публикуем шутки, рисуем карикатуры. Мои любимые школьные предметы – история и литература. Журналист имеет дело с реальными событиями, которые происходят прямо сейчас и может даже влиять на них, поэтому я выбрал эту профессию.

I decided to be a journalist. I think it is an interesting and useful profession.

I like to watch TV, listen to the radio, read newspapers and magazines. I like everything which connected with mass media.

I have a hobby. My friends and I are publishing a small newspaper once a month in our school. We write articles about school events, life of young people, jokes, draw pictures and caricatures. My favourite school subjects are history and literature.

I like the profession of a journalist. They meet many people. They try to understand what is going on in the world, or the country, or the city and try to explain it to other people.

I think that the work of a journalist is very much like that of historian. A historian studies and tries to explain events of the past and a journalist does the same about the present.

But for me to be a journalist is much more interesting than to be a historian because you deal with real events that are happening right now so you can even influence them.

So journalists can influence the history. That is why I want to be a journalist.

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