Describing Distances and Giving Directions

Daniella: Could you tell where I can find a drugstore?

Hotel clerk: Sure. There’s one Up the street near the Corner of Selma and Main. If you get to Abreu Avenue, you’ve Gone too far. It’s Set back from the street so it’s a little hard to find.

Daniella: Oh, that’s okay. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Hotel clerk: You know, I just remembered that there’s a bigger and better drugstore Around the block. It’s no more than a three-minute walk. Go out the main doors of the hotel, Hang a left, go straight for about a quarter of a Mile, and then make another left at the first street.

Daniella: Okay. I think I’ve got that. Thanks.

Hotel clerk: Now, if you want a drugstore with a pharmacy, you’ll need to walk a little Farther. Go out these doors, walk Roughly three blocks until you get to a Dead end, turn right, Cross The street, and you’ll see a bank. It’s Kitty-corner from the bank. You should be able to walk there in five minutes, Give or take.

Daniella: Thanks. Thanks a lot. I think I’m all set. See you later.

Hotel clerk: You know, I just remembered that there’s another drugstore…

Daniella: Thanks, but I’ve really got to get going. Bye.

Hotel clerk: Well, some people just don’t appreciate other people’s help!

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