Proper Behavior at a Formal Event

Rodney: Ha-ha! Did you hear what I said? Funny, right?

Samantha: Behave yourself! This is a serious and Solemn occasion, not a time for Levity.

Rodney: Loosen up. We have To endure two hours of this ceremony.

Samantha: It’s Indecent the way you’re behaving. Don’t you have any sense of Decorum?

Rodney: Lighten up. You’re such a Stick-in-the-mud. There’s nothing Unseemly about Cracking a few jokes when everybody here is Taking themselves too seriously.

Samantha: Your problem is that you have no sense of Dignity. Don’t you realize that your stupid jokes Cheapen the occasion? You’re a Disgrace.

Rodney: Don’t get all Huffy. All right, if you won’t join in, I’ll try to be serious.

Samantha: That’s better.

Rodney: I would Seriously like a drink. Bartender!

Samantha: [Groans]

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