Finding a House to Buy

I’m looking to buy a house and I want a Single-family home. I have been living in a Townhouse for two years and I am tired of having Common walls and very small Yards. My new house will have to have a lot more Square footage, a large Lot size, an Open floor plan, great Curb appeal, and lots of Upgrades.

My agent has been showing me Fixer-uppers, while I want a home that’s in Move-in condition. The problem is, I can’t afford a high Mortgage. I’m not Holding out for a Mansion, but I want this new house to be A step up from my townhouse.

My real estate agent tells me that I have to adjust my Expectations. I asked him, “Do you mean I can’t have the house I want?” And he said, “Of course you can. All you have to do is move – to Alaska!”

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