Radio and television

Топик Радио и телевидение рассказывает о тех преимуществах, которые мы получили после изобретения радио и телевидения. Находясь в тысячах километрах от происходящих событий, мы можем просмотреть или прослушать прямые репортажи. К тому же, можно использовать радио – и телевизионные передачи на английском языке, чтобы попрактиковаться в иностранном языке.

Of all the discoveries ever made by man, radio, or wireless, is one of the most wonderfull. By means of wireless, you can speak to a man on the other side of the world. Seated confortably in your own home, you can hear music or talking, broadcast thousand of miles away from you – talks on national and international affairs, on science, history and other educational subjects.

I listen to the wireless almost every evening, mine radio set is splendid. It has medium, long and short wave-lenghts and it is quite simple to manipulate. All I have to do is to tune into the station I need.

I use my set as a good deal for improving my English.

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Radio and television