Значение идиомы step up

[step up] {v.} 1. To go from a lower to a higher place.

Johnstepped up onto the platform and began to speak.

2. To come towardsor near; approach.

The sergeant called for volunteers and PrivateJones stepped up to volunteer.

John waited until the teacher hadfinished speaking to Mary, and then he stepped up.

3. To go or tomake go faster or more actively.

When John found he wasgoing to be late, he stepped up his pace.

After we had reached theoutskirts of town, we stepped up the engine.

The enemy was near, and the army stepped up its patrols to find them before they got tooclose.

4. To rise to a higher or more important position; bepromoted.

This year Mary is secretary of the club, but I am sureshe will step up to president next year.

Contrast: STEP DOWN.

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Значение идиомы step up