July 4 th – Independence Day

Топик 4 июля – День Независимости рассказывает о национальном празднике США. Это день подписания Декларации независимости США в 1776 году, которая провозглашает независимость США от Королевства Великобритании, но Британия признала этот факт только в 1783 году. День независимости считается днем рождения Соединенных Штатов как свободной и независимой страны. Декларация была подписана в “Зале Независимости”, находящемся в Филадельфии. 14 июня отмечается День флага США.


July, 4, 1776, a group of Americans representing the thirteen British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America signed a document stating that these colonies had the right to be free and independent. This document is known as the Declaration of Independence. July 4 is celebrated by Americans as a national holiday – Independence Day.

There is a building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is called Independence Hall. Here the Declaration was signed. On the building there is the famous Liberty Bell which rang to tell people in the streets that a new country had been born.

But Britain did not recognise this fact until 1783, when the American colonists were victorious in the war of Independence with Britain.

June, 14 is Flag Day in the USA. On that day in 1777, the Americans adopted their own flag. No one really knows who sewed the American flag but many Americans believe that it was made by Betsy Ross in her own home. You can see Betsy Ross sewing the flag on an American stamp.

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July 4 th – Independence Day