A Parent-Teacher Conference

Ms. Vasquez: Hello, Mr. Polo. I’m Ms. Vasquez. Please have a seat.

Mr. Polo: Thank you.

Ms. Vasquez: In this Parent-teacher conference, I want To go beyond Marco’s Report cards and his Standardized test scores to talk about his general performance in the classroom.

Mr. Polo: That’s great. I want to know how he’s doing.

Ms. Vasquez: Marco is a good student. He’s Attentive in class, a Hard worker, and hands in his Homework on time. Here’s his Portfolio, if you want to take a look at his classroom work.

Mr. Polo: This is great. Are there any areas he needs To work on?

Ms. Vasquez: Marco is a good student, but he does sometimes Misbehave. He often has disagreements with other students and Loses his temper. I think he needs to work on his Social skills.

Mr. Polo: Well, I don’t think that’s the most important thing, do you? His Academics are the most important and he seems to be doing well in his Subjects.

Ms. Vasquez: It’s true that academics are important, but learning to work Cooperatively with other people is important, too, if he wants To get ahead in life, don’t you think?

Mr. Polo: I’ll have a talk with him. I’m sure you’ll see an Improvement.

Ms. Vasquez: I appreciate you taking this seriously. Again, Marco is a good student and it’s a pleasure to have him in my class.

Mr. Polo: I’m glad to hear that. Good-bye.

Ms. Vasquez: Have a good afternoon.

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