Reading Poor Handwriting

Lily: Can you Make out what this says?

Hassan: Geez, who wrote that?

Lily: My doctor. She wrote down some instructions for me, but I can’t read her Handwriting.

Hassan: I have no idea what that Chicken scratch says.

Lily: I think that’s a “T,” but maybe it’s an “F.”

Hassan: Face it. Those Scribbles are Illegible. Why don’t you take a photo of that and email it to her nurse? Maybe she can decipher it for you.

Lily: I feel like if I just Keep at it, I’ll be able To work it out.

Hassan: Patients shouldn’t have to try and read a doctor’s Sloppy writing. What if they Misinterpret it and do the wrong thing as part of their Treatment?

Lily: This note isn’t that bad. I think I might have the first two words Figured out already.

Hassan: Then you’re better at reading bad Penmanship than I am. Maybe you should have a try at these English Essays. I have 60 of them to grade.

Lily: Wow, looking at these, I’d say you have 60 future doctors In the making!

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