Reselling Products for Profit

Jessie: Where are you going?

Masa: I’m going To stand in line to get one of the first iDopes. They Go on sale this morning at 9 a. m.

Jessie: Why don’t you just wait a couple of days when there’ll be no line?

Masa: I’m sure they’re going To sell out, and plus, I’m going to buy an extra one so I can Resell it.

Jessie: You’re going to resell it? Oh, you mean like Scalping tickets.

Masa: You got it. I can put a Markup on it and make a nice little Profit.

Jessie: You mean you’re going to Jack up the price.

Masa: I’m not Gouging anybody. I’m just putting a little Premium on a product that’s In demand.

Jessie: But what if they don’t sell out? Won’t you be Stuck with an extra iDope?

Masa: I won’t have any problems Unloading it. Trust me, this is a simple case of Supply and demand. I’ve got the supply and there’s a big demand. Hey, where are you going?

Jessie: I’m going with you. You’re not the only one in this house who wants to earn a little extra Dough.

Masa: I didn’t say you could go with me.

Jessie: Why can’t I?

Masa: Because then I’d be helping you To junk up the market. And that would be Shooting myself in the foot.

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