The olympic Games (2)

Топик Олимпийские игры (2) продолжает рассказывать интересную историю возникновения самых знаменитых спортивных игр в мире. Из этого топика вы узнаете о девизах, логотипах и символах-талисманах двух Олимпийских Игр, проведенных в России: в Москве и в Сочи.

The Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began in ancient Greece. In those days Greek games took place every four year. They included not only sports competitions but also competitions in music, oratory and theatre performances.

The earliest information about the Olympic Games goes back to 776 BC. The ancient Olympics had only a footrace or a race for runners of about 183 metres. Only men could compete or watch the games. During the games there was peace in the country. The winners of the games became national heroes.

Russia twice honored to hold the Olympic Games. Twenty-second Summer Olympics were held in Moscow in 1980. Moscow Olympics symbol became Olympic Mishka. The motto was “Faster, Higher, Stronger” logotype – treadmills rush upward, which is crowned by a five-pointed star. Twenty-second Winter Olympic Games were held in Sochi. The motto was “Hot. Cool. Yours”. Talismans – Leopard, White teddy bear and Bunny. Logotype consists of a mirror reflects symbols – Sochi 2014 in the extension of each other, the element ” .ru ” and the Olympic rings.

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The olympic Games (2)