Топик Гонки рассказывает о большом разнообразии гонок, устраиваемых и давно обычных в Англии: скачки, автомобильные гонки, речные гонки, собачьи бега и даже гонки для ослов. Но самые знаменитые – это речные гонки между командами гребцов Оксфорда и Кембриджа, которые проводятся ежегодно, начиная с 1836 года.

There are all kinds of racing in England – horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, and even races for donkeys. On sports days at school boys and girls run races, and even train for them. There is usually a mile race for older boys, and one who wins it is certainly a good runner. Usually those who run a race go as fast as possible, but there are some races in which everybody has to go very carefully in order to avoid falling. The most famous boat-race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge. It is rowed over a course on the River Thames, and thousands of people go to watch it. The eight rowers in each boat have great struggle, and at the end there is usually only a short distance between the winners and the losers. The University boat-race started in 1820 and has been rowed on the Thames almost every spring since 1836.