Feeling Lonely

Moving to a new city can be a Lonely experience. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t know anyone and it was hard To strike up new friendships. I’m a pretty Sociable person, but it’s still hard meeting new people and even harder to make Lasting friendships.

I’ve never been a Lone wolf, so being in a new city Out on my own was a new experience. Sometimes I liked doing Solitary things, but after awhile, I Yearned to be around other people. I would go to busy places to People-watch. I would see families walking by, groups of friends Hanging out together, and couples Arm-in-arm, and wished I was walking along with them. When you’re feeling lonely, it sometimes feels like there’s a wall between you and everyone else, a wall that’s not easy To break down.

Slowly, I started to meet people at my new job and to see them outside of work. Having this Companionship and Camaraderie, especially with people I had a good Rapport with, was a welcomed change. In time, I made some good friends and I no longer Dreaded the weekends. But, I’ve never forgotten how hard it was in those first months to be a stranger in a new place!

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