After Christmas Sales

Roxana: Get up! We’re going To miss out on the best Deals if we don’t get to the stores when they open.

Kurt: What? I’m sleeping. Leave me alone.

Roxana: You need to get up now and come with me to the store for the After Christmas sales. You know that they Slash prices and everything is On sale.

Kurt: We just spent the past few weeks shopping for Christmas presents and now you want to shop some more?

Roxana: We can Stock up for next year. There’ll be Deep discounts on all of the Christmas Decorations and supplies, not to mention all of the winter clothing and Seasonal toys. Let’s go!

Kurt: You go. What do you need me for?

Roxana: I need you To run interference while I go for the best Bargains and to hold all of the bags and packages while I shop. What else?

Kurt: When I agreed to “for better or for worse,” I didn’t Anticipate this!

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