15,000 People In The Czech Republic Say Their Religion Is ‘Knights Of The Jedi’

The force is strong in the Czech Republic.
In a recent census, more than 15,000 people in the Czech Republic listed their religion as “Knights of the Jedi,” the Hollywood Reporter reports.

The Czech Republic’s total population is about 10 million, meaning that Jedis account for approximately.15% of the country. The “religion” takes its name from the warriors of the “Star Wars” films.

This isn’t the first time a contingent of Jedis have popped up in a national census. Canada, Australia and New Zealand have also seen large numbers of respondents claiming to be Jedi in their national censuses.

In fact, if the respondents in New Zealand had been counted, they would’ve been the second-largest religion in the country.

Listing your religion as “Knights of the Jedi” appears to be seen as a protest against the inclusion of a religion category on the national census, though there are those who claim the Jedi religion to be a real one.

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