Bargaining With Store Owners

Connie: You speak McQuillanese. Ask the store owner the price of this Vase.

Ivan: All right. He says it’s $60.

Connie: That’s actually a great price, but let’s see if I can Talk him down a little. You should never accept the Starting price and the prices in these stores are all Negotiable. Ask him what his Rock bottom price is for the vase.

Ivan: He said that he’ll take $50, but not One penny less.

Connie: The vase is really a Steal at $50, but maybe he’s still willing To bargain. Tell him that I won’t pay a penny more than $40.

Ivan: I told him and he says that at that price, he’d be Giving it away. I don’t think he’s going To budge. I think you should just buy it. He doesn’t look like he’s willing To haggle with you.

Connie: Don’t be impatient. Good things come to those who wait. Tell him that I’m ready To walk away if he doesn’t take $42 for it. Hey, where’s he going?

Ivan: He says that he’s walking away because he doesn’t sell to Cheap Americans.

Connie: Hmph!

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Bargaining With Store Owners