Asking for a Raise

Patty: Alberto, can I Pick your brain for a minute?

Alberto: Yeah, sure, but you’ll have to Make it quick. I’m going into a meeting at 3.

Patty: Sure. Hopefully, this won’t take long. I’m thinking about asking for A raise. I’ve been working here for a year and half, and I now have a lot more responsibilities On my plate than when I started. I think I’ve earned a raise, but I don’t know how To broach the issue with Wayne. I can’t just go into his office and say, “Give me a raise!”

Alberto: You’re right. It’s not an easy thing To bring up. One thing I did when I asked for a raise last year was to remind Wayne of my Qualifications and all of the work I do around here. I tried to convince Wayne that I was Indispensable.

Patty: Obviously it worked. You got a raise and a Promotion, too. All I want is a Bump in pay.

Alberto: The trick is To sell yourself without seeming Self-serving. And, you don’t want to give any Ultimatums either. That definitely Won’t fly with Wayne.

Patty: I can see that. I plan to talk to him at the end of the week so wish me luck.

Alberto: You don’t need it. I’m sure Wayne will See things your way.

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