The Supermarket Checkout

I went to the supermarket to do my weekly shopping. The Cashiers at this market are usually pretty friendly, but this one must have been having a hard day.

Cashier: Excuse me, sir, this Lane is for 15 items or less. It looks like you have more than that.

Yong: No, actually I have exactly 15. I have some Coupons, too.

Cashier: Just put those down on the Belt and push the Cart through, please.

Yong: Okay. Can you tell me how much these potatoes are Per pound?

Cashier: I’ll have to do a Price check. Do you have a Club card?

Yong: Yes, here it is.

Cashier: Swipe it through the machine, sir. Your total is $47.52. Debit or credit?

Yong: Debit. Could I get Cash back?

Cashier: [sigh] How much do you want?

Yong: I’d like $40.

Cashier: Paper or plastic?

Yong: Paper, please.

Cashier: Are these Tabloids yours, too?

Yong: Uh, yes, those magazines are mine.

Cashier: Do you need any help out?

Yong: No, I’m fine. Thanks.

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